With CardCash.com, you have several buying and selling options with few restrictions. The service does not have a minimum or maximum exchange amount. It will accept your gift card even if it only has a dollar on it. The service’s sell page lists the price it will pay for most cards, with the payment of 92 percent of a card’s balance as its maximum payout. After you sell your gift card, CardCash pays you cash, through PayPal or with an Amazon.com gift card. Both PayPal and Amazon.com offer a higher payment than cash.

CardCash buys and sells gift cards electronically, as well as plastic gift cards. The electronic gift card provides a code by email and eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping. If you purchase a standard gift card, it must be over $50 in order to receive free shipping. However, orders that are under $50 ship for only $1.

CardCash is one of the only gift card exchange sites on our lineup that still allows you to directly trade your gift card in for another. You simply use PayPal to purchase the gift card you are interested in and the service will reimburse you once they receive the gift cards you are trading in. The face value of the card you purchase must be equal to or greater than the gift card you are trading in. While this is an optimal way to trade gift cards, CardCash charges a transaction fee that ranges from 3 to 30 percent of the value of the card being traded in.

You can easily find discounted gift cards to buy or trade with CardCash’s large inventory. The service places restrictions prohibiting gift cards with expirations, which improves the buyer’s experience. If they do not offer cards from a specific retailer, you can sign up for email notifications that alert you when gift cards are available again for that particular merchant. The discounted cards range in savings with the most discounted cards at 35 percent.

While CardCash offers a wide variety of discounted gift cards, its search options are limited. You can only search for gift cards by retailer and price. The site does not allow you to filter by category, which may be overwhelming for merchants that have a high quantity of gift cards available. The advanced search options allow you to search by price range, date added and model number, which helps limit your search results.

Likewise, CardCash offers standard support options. The FAQs page holds an extensive list of questions and answers. If any of your questions are not answered from it, you can fill out an online contact form. The service does offer a guarantee on its gift cards.

CardCash.com Summary:

With CardCash.com, you can buy, sell or trade gift cards. With a large inventory, you can easily exchange a gift card for one you want. While the search options are limited, the service offers several different payment options to help maximize the value you receive from your card.



You can trade your unwanted gift card in for a gift card you actually want.

The site has limited search functions.

The Verdict:

CardCash.com offers more payment options than other gift card exchange sites we reviewed. However, they also charge trade in fees that decrease your profit no matter what payment method you use.