Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: email address; FAQs; search by discount; search by price and buy electronic gift cards. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Gift Card Exchange reviews.

GiftCardBin is a standard gift card exchange service that buys and sells gift cards. The site has few restrictions on the gift cards it will purchase from you. It does have a minimum exchange amount of $10 and a maximum exchange amount of $300, but the service does not charge any additional fees and even accepts gift cards that have expiration dates. You can find gift cards on its site discounted as much as 33 percent.

The exchange service will buy a gift card from you for up to 93 percent of its original value. The service offers slightly more in trade for your gift cards than many of its competitors. GiftCardBin pays for your cards either with cash or through PayPal. Unlike other gift card services, GiftCardBin has stores scattered throughout the country where you can take your gift cards to and eliminate the hassle of shipping.

The gift card exchange site houses hundreds of gift cards issued by different retailers. If any retailer's card is out of stock, the service has an alert system to notify you when cards become available again. Unfortunately, the service does not currently buy or sell electronic gift cards, so you will have to ship physical cards. However, the service covers all shipping costs.

GiftCardBin has a large inventory of cards and an effective search tool to help you find the cards you want. Aside from a general search function, you can narrow your search even further by retailer and category. The site shows how many gift cards each retailer has and the highest discounts offered for that retailer.

With so many features, this gift card exchange site has surprisingly limited support options. It excludes a FAQs page and does not offer any technical support via email. The only contact information the site provides is a phone number and an online contact form.

GiftCardBin Summary:

GiftCardBin accepts most gift cards, even ones with expiration dates. However, the service does not offer electronic gift cards, nor will it purchase any from sellers. Only offering standard gift cards limits the service, especially since most retailers offer gift cards in the form of electronic codes.



You can sell gift cards with expiration dates to GiftCardBin.

The service does not buy or sell electronic gift cards.

The Verdict:

With GiftCardBin, you can both buy and sell physical gift cards with few restrictions and no additional fees.