Similar to many other gift card exchange sites, buying gift cards from is a fairly quick and simple process. Where this site lags behind other sites is when it comes to selling.

When selling your unwanted gift cards to, only certain merchants can receive up to 75 percent of the remaining balance of the card. This is the highest amount that this website offers. On average, all of the sites that we reviewed pay up to 82 percent of the remaining gift card balance, making this sites payouts significantly lower than most. If your card merchant doesn’t fall under the top-selling merchant list, you may only get 70 percent or less. Also, on top of receiving below average money for your card, there is a seller's fee of $.90 plus 3.9% of the card amount.

Selling gift cards to is quite the process and really rather frustrating. You have to download a form, fill it out and mail it in with the gift cards you are selling and then wait. Swapping gift cards is a similar process. All transactions except buying gift cards are completed by mail; you can't even get a quote online for what will pay you.

Although the process can be cumbersome offers is the ability to swap your gift card with other customers. There are no fees associated with swapping your gift card.

If you are interested in buying a gift card from this site, you have to search through all of the gift cards they have for sale, which can be a lengthy process. There is a general search bar, but we found that it did not work well to search that way for merchants.

The only way to contact is by filling out its online contact form with your name, email and a message. Additionally, GiftCard Swapping doesn't list its respond protocols. However, GiftCard Swapping lists some helpful FAQs and the terms of use on its website. Summary:
5.9/10 has an overall good idea for swapping and selling gift cards you won't use, and we especially appreciate the ability to swap cards with other customers. Unfortunately, the mail-in process is just a little frustrating and makes the service unappealing.

You can swap gift cards with other customers without any fees.

Cons only pays up to 75 percent of the card balance and has selling fees.

The Verdict
: 5.85/10 is not the preferred site to use if you are looking to sell your gift cards. The ability to swap your gift card without fees is nice, but the overall process is a major hassle.