Monster Gift Cards makes buying and selling gift cards simple. MGC accepts over 500 merchants even though they may not have that much in stock. The process for selling cards is different from other gift card services that we’ve researched; they have a point system in place for the value of a card if you don’t want cash. Monster Gift Cards has easy-to-use search functions, no buying fees and free shipping.

Many gift card services set restrictions on the minimum and maximum dollar amount a card must have on it. Monster Gift Card has set a low value of $10 as the minimum. If you have a gift card that you want to sell or trade that exceeds $200 in value, you will need to contact Monster Gift Card for them to approve the sale or trade. They will not accept gift cards that exceed $200 if Monster Gift Card feels the merchant is not a top seller. Additionally, the company offers to match or beat any competitor's listed price.

Monster Gift Card will pay up to 92 percent of the total value of your gift card. If you are looking to buy gift cards, they also offer cards that are impressively discounted up to 40 percent. That is the highest discounted rate of any gift card service we found during our research.

You can setup email notifications to alert you when a card that you are looking for becomes available. Even though you can't receive eCards through MGC, you don't ever have to worry about paying additional costs of sending or receiving gift cards because shipping is always free.

Monster Gift Cards gives you limited payment options. You can either receive a check by mail or accrue Monster Points. Unlike other services, you cannot receive payment through PayPal or receive an Amazon gift card through Monster Gift Card.

MGC is one of the easiest gift card exchange websites to browse through that we researched. You have the ability to narrow your search selection by merchant, category, price and discount.

We had no problems finding answers to the questions we had in the list of frequently asked questions. They update their FAQs section frequently. Monster Gift Card also provides a toll-free phone number and a customer service email in case you don't find the answer to your questions on the website. Although they are difficult to find, Monster Gift Card also has a handful of customer testimonials in its Guestbook.

Monster Gift Card Summary:

You shouldn’t have any problems buying or selling gift cards from Monster Gift Card. The Monster Points system is unique, but it would be nice to be able to receive payment though PayPal or an Amazon gift card. The website is easy to navigate and search for gift cards. MGC accepts a large amount of merchants which makes this site a good place to go if you are looking to sell your unwanted gift cards.


Monster Gift Card

Monster Gift Card offers up to 40 percent off certain gift cards.

You can’t receive payment via PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

The Verdict
: 8.65/10

Even though Monster Gift Card falls short of our top three gift card exchange sites, it is still a recommended site that is easy to navigate.