Monster Gift Cards sets itself apart from other gift card exchange sites with its unique point system. Rather than paying for gift cards in cash, it offers points for those cards that can then be redeemed to buy other gift cards. If you opt to be paid with points, you receive a higher value than you would if you choose cash. Unfortunately, the company only offers payment in these two ways.

The gift card service has several restrictions in place to optimize the buying experience. You cannot sell a gift card that is under $10 or over $200. If you have a card that is above that value, the site requires pre-approval. The service has lenient expiration restrictions. It will purchase your gift cards if they have an expiration date, but it must be at least a year from the date you sell the card. Monster Gift Cards will pay up to 92 percent of a card’s balance and does not have any additional fees other than shipping your card. However, you cannot sell an electronic gift card; the service only accepts standard, plastic gift cards.

Monster Gift Cards also offers gift cards that are discounted up to 40 percent, which is a higher discount than most gift card exchange sites. You can purchase plastic gift cards, with some that you can redeem online. Either way, the card will be your only expense because Monster Gift Cards offers free shipping on all cards you purchase.

The site has several features that improve its customer experience. If you want a gift card from a merchant that is currently out of stock, you can opt to receive email notifications when it becomes available again. Unique to Monster Gift Card is its promise to match or beat any competitor’s listed price. As such, you will always receive the most discounted gift cards with this service.

With over 500 merchants on the site, you may find the ability to narrow down a search is necessary. Monster Gift Cards allows you to narrow your search by discount, category and retailer. It also features a general keyword search tool. The numerous search options make finding a gift card easy.

The service has a wide selection of support tools. Its website lists contact information including a phone number, email address and contact form. In addition, the FAQs page offers answers to common problems or questions. The service also allows returns on its gift cards. However, it credits your account with points rather than a cash refund.

Monster Gift Card Summary:

You can easily buy and sell with Monster Gift Card. It is one of the only gift card exchange sites we reviewed that will directly exchange one gift card for another. While the service only offers plastic gift cards, its point system returns a higher percentage of your gift card’s value to you.


Monster Gift Card

Monster Gift Card uses a point system that yields a higher payout to sellers, which can then be used to purchase a gift card elsewhere.

The service does not offer electronic gift cards.

The Verdict:

While the gift card exchange service only offers standard gift cards, its point system makes exchanging one gift card for another easy. With so many search options and support, you can find the gift card you want.